The Wyong Milk Factory offers boat hire 7 days a week sunrise to sunset!

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· Traditional Row Boats. Single, Double, or Sliding Seat
· Kayaks: Single or Double
· Stand Up Boards

Choose whether you want to row upstream and explore the freshwater section of the river or row downstream in the salt water section of the river. Are you quick enough to catch a glimpse of the wildlife as you glide silently across the river surface?

Bring the picnic hamper, buy some champagne at the tavern, cheese at the cheesemakers, chocolates at the chocolate makers and have the ultimate romantic date. Or if you’re beyond romance, grab some donuts and set off with the kids. Bring the dog, there’s a dog-wash to go from mud-hound to perfumed pooch after a swim.

There’s also plenty of fish in both the upstream or downstream sections of the river – so bring the fishing lines and bait!

Finally, there’s a cold drink and meal awaiting you back at the Tavern or Café on your return.

Please call us on (02) 4352 3811 for any questions and advise us of the size of lifejackets required, supplied by us!