Established in 1888 to take advantage of the newly completed Sydney to Newcastle railway, the township of Wyong has enjoyed a colourful and vibrant community history which continues to this day.

Created in 1907 by a Co-op of 56 local farmers, the Buttery Factory (As it was then known) originally comprised of no more than a boiler room, engine room, butter-working room, cool room, testing room, storeroom and office existing for the sole purpose of processing butter, not milk.

It was a hub of industrial activity employing many local people, gradually evolving over time into a fully functioning Milk bottling Factory, drawing a wide variety of other farm produce to its markets from the surrounding valleys.

Despite being burned to the ground in less than two hours by a fire in 1921 so huge that the exploding butter could be seen and heard 10 km away, the ruins of the original Butter Factory gave birth to a newer, more extensive and well equipped Milk Factory built by the 200+ dairy farmers who had by this time become shareholders in the Co-op.

Other major milestones in the History of this much loved Heritage site included: